Technology Platforms
A key BankNet strength is our command over skills covering a wide range of technology platforms — the platforms upon which large-scale, enterprise solutions are usually built. This extensive skillset portfolio enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive, end-to-end technology solutions.

IBM™ S/390™ (Mainframe) Technology
The IBM S/390 running the OS/390™(MVS™) operating system hosts more enterprise mission-critical data and transactions than any other platform. This technology has undergone dramatic advancements spanning a four decade period, making it the most successful information and computing technology that has ever existed. The S/390 platform is, and will remain, BankNet's key strategic competency.

Intel™-based Servers and Workstations
While the S/390 platform serves as the focal point for enterprise data and back-end processing engines, PC technology has been adopted in roles that are no less important. PC-based workstations and servers are used to complement the S/390 platforms by enhancing and leveraging back-end applications. These machines facilitate: improved presentation, productivity and usability; distributed processing; various architectural alternatives such as "n-tier" configurations, etc. BankNet has in-depth knowledge of and experience with PC software development technologies — with an emphasis on interoperability with S/390-based enterprise solutions.

Internet Technology
There is no other recent technology that has had as dramatic an impact on IT solutions as the Internet. Internet technologies present significant opportunities and challenges. One of the most profoundly important endevours today is to successfully exploit these opportunities. The ability to harness this rapidly evolving technology will make or break businesses. Internet technology is a key focus for BankNet. Not only are we developing practical Web-based solutions, but we are also engaged in extensive research and development; with a particular focus on Web enabling legacy applications hosted on the S/390 platform.